C. L. A. 2

Dear Susan,

I wanted to send you a note, letting you know how much a truly appreciate all of the time, attention to detail, artistry, determination, and dedication you brought my photoshoot.

My headshot session last week was truly a new experience, and challenged me more than I had anticipated.

I am incredibly thankful.

While there were moments that were difficult… I’ve never felt so taken care of. I’ve never had a photographer pay so much attention to detail. I’ve never had someone care about the outcome so much. I’ve never had someone look so closely at me, that they knew I needed to move my iris to the left just an inch. And that’s exactly why I came to you. During one of our breaks, I was looking at your fridge at a small poster outlined with headshots you’ve taken…I thought… “wow, just gorgeous. Natural and engaging.” Your work is phenomenal. And although I haven’t seen my images yet, and while I unintentionally moved at times when I was trying so hard to stay still… I want you to know that I had complete trust in you during our shoot. Your attention to detail is something I respect and appreciate so much.

Thank you for taking care of me. Thank you for shooting until midnight even though we were both tired. Thank you for caring more about the quality of my headshot than any other photographer I’ve ever worked with. I appreciate you and our time together. It challenged me, and taught me a lot about myself…and now that a week has gone by, I can look at the experience with more clarity and gratitude. Many thanks to your assistant and make-up artist as well.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the images.

Again, thank you.


C. L. A.