• BG

    So, everyone at UTA is obsessed with the 16 semi-finalist shots L. and I sent them– one of them likened the process of narrowing them down to Sophie’s Choice!
    But the ones we all love the absolute most are:
    Roll 1- 20a
    Roll 3- 6a
    Roll 6- 22b

    Take a look and let me know what you think.

  • M

    THANK YOU. I really appreciate your guidance and support with this. You have restored all my confidence! So grateful to you for taking the time to help me with these choices. I am thrilled to have these three headshots.

    With thanks,

  • HH

    Thanks Susan!
    All good with me I booked a UPS Commercial and the Producers Guild ‘make a movie in 48 hrs’ film competition I’m in, just got selected for the top ten out of 500… let’s see if it wins in November! I think all the work is coming thanks to my great headshot – aka thanks to you :)

    Love and best wishes to you and Tom!


  • M. R.

    Dear Susan,

    I am so very grateful for your beautiful work on my headshots. It was difficult to narrow down, but with help from your notes, I have finally decided on the following five, which I would like to order with retouching:

    Please find attached my order form and screenshots of selected images for your reference! I am so appreciative of all the work and dedication you and Tom give to this process.

    Please let me know when you receive this!

    With admiration and gratitude,
    M. R.

  • W.B.


    I can’t even begin to express how much I love the shots you took. As you know, I was so nervous going into the shoot and was worried how they’d turn out.

    I look at the photos and see myself, and not Whittany hiding behind a ton of makeup. You truly are the best at your craft!

    I’m beyond excited to narrow them down and I’d love to work with you on that. You changed how I look at myself.

    Eternally grateful,


    I also would like to thank Tom and Pam for their help too!! You have a great team!


  • K.P. 17

    My headshots are beautiful and thank you again for all your hard work with them. Everyone compliments them. I am very lucky to have found you.
    Thank you


  • 12-2014 KC

    Hi Susan!
    I am absolutely crazy about my pictures. Choosing was torture because I loved so many (and you know I’m not usually one to love pictures of myself!)


  • bh

    Hi Susan!

    Thank you so much for the contact sheets! I’m so thrilled with them- they are absolutely beautiful and I am looking through them carefully to choose two shots to be retouched. Also thank you for marking them- really helpful in making my decision!
    Thank you and Tom again for all your patience and hard work at the shoot. I feel so grateful already to have these pictures!


  • A

    Hi Susan,

    Got the new photos. I love the shirt color changes.
    Thanks so much – I’m so happy with how they turned out.



  • mt

    Hi guys,

    Happy New Year! Hope you’re having a good start of the year and week.
    After a long process of selection here are the first two I want to have edited. I know it takes more time to edit more than one so whichever you edit first I could start working with.
    Once again, thank you tons for these lovely results!


  • MS

    Hey Susan,

    The photos are really great!
    You should be contacted by a collegue of mine shortly about a session.
    She loved the work you did for me.
    Her name is T. T.
    Very wonderful and professional.



  • HH

    Hi Susan and Tom,

    Hope you are both well. I’d like to go with these 3 images from this contact sheet.
    #15A, #20A and #22A. I’ve been dealing with a shortlist of 5 for some days now and friends, family, industry and non industry people alike have been singing your praises! Just stunning pictures, I’m thrilled!!! You’ve done an amazing job!
    Thank you!!

    Speak soon.

    H H

  • ld

    Hi Susan,

    Thank you for Friday’s shoot. It was immensely challenging physically and mentally, but I understand why it needed to be that way. I learned a lot. It was beautiful to watch you work behind the camera. Looking forward to seeing the photos.

    L D

  • v 6/23/17

    Hi Susan,

    Thanks so much for these beautiful pictures. My manager was really happy with them, and I think they are STUNNING. Literally every single picture on Roll 5 was amazing. :-)

    Attached is my order form and the proof sheets with the 3 pictures circled in red.

    Let me know if there’s anything else you need from me!


  • 12-2014 EB

    Dear Susan,
    I picked up my contact sheets yesterday from Tom, and spent hours going through them, cropping out the ones to send along to my manager, and trying to narrow it down.

    I can’t tell you how grateful I am. 

    Sitting for you felt like going to war under a kind, firm, and quiet-voiced major general. And I had no idea how these would turn out.

    I’m bewildered. Somehow you’ve managed to make my outsides look like my insides.

    How did you do that? I’m baffled.

    Thank you so much for helping me see my own particular beauty.

    I hope you know what a gift you have, and how much it means to a duckling like me.

    Tom said to get you my choices for retouching after New Years, and so I will.

    I hope you and your honey have a wonderful holiday.

    Thank you again so very much.

    Big hug,
    E. B.

  • L 6/23/17

    Hi Susan!

    These are sensational! Thank you so much! I have so much to choose from and work with, I am very grateful!

    Are the x’s on the photos your favorites?

    Talk to you soon :)

  • TJ 6/23/17

    Hi Susan,

    I hope you are well.

    I used my new headshot for the first time. Guest what?… I got the part. I’ll be playing Clitander in David Ives’s The School for Lies at The Artistic Home Theatre in Chicago.


  • A.E.T 6/23/17

    on facebook

    A.E.T. added 2 new photos — feeling excited
    This girl is ready to rock thanks to Susan Shacter !! Thank you for your talent
    Fun Fact: These new head shots got me the agent & an audition of my dreams!

  • CP 6/23/17

    on facebook
    Headshots courtesy of Susan Shacter. So excited about these! She is incredible and made the entire process creative and fun!! So thrilled about how these turned out
    Thank you Susan! I am so incredibly happy with these!! Loved working with you 😘 😘 😘

  • H.S.

    I just wanted to thank you for your dedication and hard work in my headshot session the other day. It wasn’t easy, but I am so grateful for your patience and passion to get the best picture possible.

  • M.R. 2

    Hi Susan!

    I hope all is going well. Thank you so much for these contact sheets! I was away doing a show and then got married. Just got back into town this week. It was so wonderful working with you and Tom! The pictures are fantastic! You’re a genius! I am thrilled with them. Thank you for your attention to detail and dedication! It was such a pleasure working with you!

    Thank you for going through the photos and marking your favorites! It’s much appreciated. Thanks Susan! Amazing work! Thank you! Talk soon!


  • C.R.S

    Hi Susan!

    This headshot is truly amazing and I couldn’t love it more.
    Could you please send this to reproductions?
    Thank you so much I am so thrilled with how they all turned out,

  • DP

    Hi Susan,

    These are AHMAZING! You are a genius. I am once again awestruck by your talent! I’m assuming the more x’s the more you like the photo. I wish you’d just pick one. Haha

    This is going to be very difficult.

    Thank you so much,

  • S.H.

    I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with all of the headshots. It was incredibly hard to chose and for the first time ever, I actually feel like I not only look like myself in a headshot, but my BEST self.

    The experience was at times challenging and demanding and I wanted to thank you for supporting and pushing me through the whole process–I learned a lot about pushing through and I am extremely grateful for your determination and care for detail. The shots are truly the best I’ve ever taken. I owe many thanks to you.

  • C. L. A. 2

    Dear Susan,

    I wanted to send you a note, letting you know how much a truly appreciate all of the time, attention to detail, artistry, determination, and dedication you brought my photoshoot.

    My headshot session last week was truly a new experience, and challenged me more than I had anticipated.

    I am incredibly thankful.

    While there were moments that were difficult… I’ve never felt so taken care of. I’ve never had a photographer pay so much attention to detail. I’ve never had someone care about the outcome so much. I’ve never had someone look so closely at me, that they knew I needed to move my iris to the left just an inch. And that’s exactly why I came to you. During one of our breaks, I was looking at your fridge at a small poster outlined with headshots you’ve taken…I thought… “wow, just gorgeous. Natural and engaging.” Your work is phenomenal. And although I haven’t seen my images yet, and while I unintentionally moved at times when I was trying so hard to stay still… I want you to know that I had complete trust in you during our shoot. Your attention to detail is something I respect and appreciate so much.

    Thank you for taking care of me. Thank you for shooting late even though we were both tired. Thank you for caring more about the quality of my headshot than any other photographer I’ve ever worked with. I appreciate you and our time together. It challenged me, and taught me a lot about myself…and now that a week has gone by, I can look at the experience with more clarity and gratitude. Many thanks to your assistant and make-up artist as well.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing the images.

    Again, thank you.


    C. L. A.

  • C.L.A.



    Thank you so much, Susan! Your work is stunning! I’m trying to narrow it down, but I’m having a hard time because there are so many great shots that could work. I’m thrilled!
    Again, thank you so much. I’m really pleased with all of my options and I so appreciate your help all along the way.

    Best and Happy New Year,


  • H.C.

    Hi Susan,

    I just wanted to reach out and thank you again for the photo. You were right about which picture to choose. At first, I was intimidated and uncertain about it, I admit. Maybe I didn’t believe myself to be as strong as it shows. But now, it feels like the perfect image to represent where I am at, and the beauty in that strength.
    So thank you!

    All the best,

  • d.a.

    Susan! Thank you so much, I don’t know how you do it! I’ve never had a picture taken like this before. I’m on the film shoot so I can’t choose yet but I’ve downloaded the images, I’m going to pick at least 5 images as finals and have your studio do the retouching on them. I will pick them before the first week of November.
    Your artistry, it’s on another level, it’s so rare. I love the use of light and the picture you paint. 
    Thank you and I hope we can work again someday, looking forward to seeing you soon at the studio again for the final images etc xxxx I feel so relieved that finally I have a headshot I’d like to use for send outs! I seriously thought it would never happen. Have a great week and thank you so much.

  • sb

    Hi Susan!

    Happy 2017, I hope you’re well.
    I am very impressed with the shots, thank you.
    I think the session was incredibly successful.

    I’ve got several favorites, but these 2 keep coming out on top. Many others have weighed in and agree. I think they are stunning photos and they capture two very different and very great looks.
    What do you think!?


  • ib

    Hi Susan,

    I hope this email finds you well!
    I am writing you to because I truly respect and admire your work and I wanted to thank you for your patience during the shoot.

    Also… I wanted to wish you and Tom Merry Christmas!
    Enjoy this wonderful holidays (:

    I B

  • zc

    Wow, thank you so much. These are stunning.

    Sending over to my manager, and we will get back to you about our top pics. Thank you again!!!


    Z. C.

  • 6/2015 AE

    I am beyond thrilled with these shots!! I truly believe you have some sort of Magic power to make anyone look good and bring out a depth in someone’s expression! I’m showing my agent on Friday! Thank you so much! Looking forward to the next step! ??

    My best,
    A. E.

  • 12-2014 HF

    Hey Susan,
    I LOVE the photos from our session. I’m so, so, so glad to have made the trip and scheduled to shoot with you. They’re exactly what I wanted.

    Thanks again for everything.

    I’m thrilled!

  • lr

    Needless to say, this is long overdue, but here is a copy of my headshot. What do you think? I hope you approve. Please let me know if something isn’t right.
    Obviously, this is the best headshot I’ve ever had by far and I can’t thank you enough.
    I also thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and talking with you.
    Thank you so much for everything!
    L. R.

  • 12-2014 AM

    I AM SO IN LOVE WITH MY SHOTS!!!! Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job, I have loved your pieces for so long and I am so happy that I now have my own. Looking through them today, would love to call you sometime next week to go over some choices.

    Thanks so much!

    All the best,

  • wc

    thank you SO much !

    i LOVE it! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    Wow; you did an amazing job! ! !

    thanks so much.

    W. C.

  • 12-2014 NC

    Dear Susan,
    Thank you so much for these headshots– they are unbelievable and it has been SO hard even to choose the top five!

    Thanks so much again,

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