• 12-2014 KB

    Just picked up the shots from Reproductions last night– they came out gorgeous.

    Please thank your genius toucher-uppers…they really did a beautiful job.
    It came out simple, natural, and lovely.

    Big hugs!

  • 12-2014 ER

    Hi Susan,
    Just to say thank you so much, I’m thrilled with the photos! I’ll be picking out several for retouching/ordering as soon as I can decide which ones!

    Thank you again,

  • 12-2014 BM

    Hey Susan!
    I hope you had a great holiday and New Year and all is well.

    I just wanted to let you know that our Showcase website is up and I can’t help but see how much I think G’s and my pictures stand out against
    the others.

    Thank you again for your great work and I hope to see you soon!


  • 12-2014 SJ

    Hi Susan,
    Thank you so much for our wonderful session.

    I thought the images turned out great.

    I had to restrain myself to choosing only 6 images
    Thanks again! I can’t wait to see the fully realized images!


  • 12-2014 YC

    Hello Susan,
    Thank you so much for taking AMAZING photos! :)

    I love my photos, and finally I think I have decided use which ones to use, so please let me know when you are available!

    Thank you

  • 12-2014 CL

    Hi Susan –
    the photos are fantastic. I can’t thank you enough.

    My only complaint is that there are too many great ones to choose from.


  • 12-2014 DJ

    Susan –
    The photos look fantastic! Thank you so much. I’m really happy with them. And your markings are so helpful in the narrowing down process.

    I’ll for sure drop by the order form tomorrow for the image I plan to use for the hard copy printed headshot.

    And maybe by then I’ll have narrowed down my finalists for my website — so hard to decide which ones and how many!

    But that’s a good problem to have — thank you for making it hard by giving me options.

    Hope you’re having a good weekend!

    Again, thanks —

  • 12-2014 SB

    I hope this finds you well! I’ve had such success with your shots and have recommended you whenever possible.

    I booked several commercial jobs just off my pictures alone!

    I moved to LA in January and my reps out here want more shots so I’d love to place an order for a few hi-res images.

    Let me know what else I need to do.

    All the Best,

  • 12-2014 AG

    Hey Susan,

    As if I could say it enough, thank you, again, for the incredible headshots.
    I just signed with an amazing agency and I keep getting wonderful compliments from casting directors.

    Everyone should get a chance to work with you for sure!


  • 12-2014 CB

    Hi Susan,
    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    I just wanted to drop a line and thank you for a wonderful headshot session on November 14th.

    I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with you.

    Your energy and commitment was so comforting in such a daunting process. I look forward to seeing the photos.

    Stay dry and warm in this crazy weather!

    All my best,

  • 12-2014 GP

    I can’t tell you how many amazing opportunities I’ve had as a result of our shoot.
    I had some really big auditions this year (and I now have a manager & an agent)- -thanks to the photos you took!

    I also just wrapped shooting a film that is being considered for international distribution–the director loved the headshot you took! :)

    So, many good things in the works. I’ll be in L.A. for pilot season next year and I’m really excited to see what happens next!

    I hope you are having a wonderful week and bright holiday season–may our paths cross again soon!


  • 12-2014 T

    Hey Susan,
    One more thing. Is it possible to order a retouched print of that b&w photo from you? I totally love it and want a hard copy.

    You are really the best.

    Thanks again,

  • 12-2014 MB

    Hi susan –
    I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to work with you yesterday and how much fun I had too. You created such a safe and creative environment. So thank you. Can’t wait to see the shots.


  • 12-2014 AH

    The photos look great!

    Thank you for taking the time and doing such great work on them. I really appreciate it and they look amazing.

    Finally I have a headshot that looks like ME!

  • 12-2014 RR

    Hi Susan,
    Thanks so much for all your help and advice with everything – thepictures are beautiful. I’ve gotten so much great feedback and reaction to them already. It’s so nice to have pictures I’m so happy with to give as a piece of myself to auditioners.

    You have been such a joy to go through this process with-I lookforward to working with you again!


  • 12-2014 KB

    Hi Susan
    Here are my pictures. I didn’t forget…

    I’ve been getting good feedback on them and I have 3 agent interviews this week just from the pictures-so thank you!

    I enjoyed working with you.


  • 12-2014 MK

    Hi Susan!
    I hope you’re doing well :) My classmates that recently had a session with you are so happy with their pictures. I also finally printed one of the photos I ordered and I LOVE it! I’m so happy with the way it turned out.

    I’ve also decided on two other photos I would like to order. I’m attaching the scanned contact sheet versions of these two pictures.

    Again, thanks so much!

  • 12-2014 Laura

    I just have to tell you, everyone I show the prints to love them and my agents had a hard time narrowing them down.

    I cannot wait to have them all done.


  • 12-2014 KD

    Hi Susan,
    I finally got copies of my headshots and enclosed two copies of each of the images.

    I am so happy and think they look beautiful_i hope you do too! I had such a lovely time working with you and really appreciate everything you’ve done…hope to see you again soon-(and thanks again Susan)


  • 12-2014 Allison

    Holy. Moly.

    Incredible. Amazing! I’m so beyond happy with these I can’t even begin to tell you! They’re perfect.

    Upload to reproductions and I’ll order prints.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • 12-2014 BT

    Can you believe that, at one time, I actually thought the photo on the SAG website was a good photograph. Boy, oh boy, am I ever glad I found you.

    Thanks for everything,

  • 12-2014 SH

    Hi Susan,
    Hope you are doing well! I’ve had such a positive response to the headshots you so skillfully captured last summer. This year, I was accepted to both the Master’s of Music Theatre program at NYU Steinhardt and the MFA program at The Boston Conservatory. Both my auditions started with the faculty complimenting me on how much they loved my headshot.

    The head shots capture who I am but do not place me in a typecast, which has been freeing in allowing me to audition and play a wider range of roles. This is all a testament to what a talented artist you are and simply a master of your craft.

    I can’t thank you enough!

  • 12-2014 KB


    Just picked up shots from Reproductions last night– they came out gorgeous. Please thank your genius toucher-uppers…they really did a beautiful job. It came out simple, natural, and lovely.

    Big hugs!

  • 12-2014 SB

    Dear, dear, dear Susan-
    This is really outrageous how much incredible feedback I’m getting from both of my new headshots.

    I’m rounding out at 2-3 great auditions a day in the last two weeks.

    Have had 3 callbacks as well and got into the Bats company at the Flea theatre.

    Tomorrow I have an audition for a Hershey’s commercial and the CD told me over the phone that based on my picture I was the top choice.

    Thank you for helping me get through so many doors already!

    Can’t wait to see what happens next.

    All the best,

  • 12-2014 EP

    I ran into a friend (and fellow actor) and mentioned I’d shot with you.

    He remarked that I must have ‘really spent some big bucks on that’, to which I replied, “Man, I got into acting late; I’m 30 years old and don’t have time to fuck around with cheap shit.”

    Thanks a lot! Everyone who’s seen my photo is floored.

    You’re the best.

  • 12-2014 JCM

    Your work is truly appreciated. I’ve had nothing but compliments and praise for these headshots. The industry loves them! I hope you are well and had a lovely summer. Please stay in touch!


  • 12-2014 CL

    I am so excited about the shots. Thank you so much for making me feel I have FINALLY found pictures that represent ME!

    I am pouring over them but will get my picks to you ASAP.

    Thank you again, I’m very excited to get these out into the world and start the search for what’s next.

    All my best,

  • 12-2014 CB

    Dear Susan,
    The first time I had headshots taken was four years ago with you. Though your reputation preceded you, I could not appreciate just how exceptional my experience with you was. Aside from the quality of the shots themselves, I’ve never had the privilege of a more masterful eye in choosing which best represents me, or a more comfortable trusting atmosphere. Would you consider shooting me again? If so, I promise a prompt deposit and no remiss scheduling!

    Thank you,

  • 12-2014 ISS

    Thanks again for being so amazing. I am really excited to see the shots.

    You are so easy to work with-I love your relaxed energy.

    Take care and fond regards,

  • 12-2014 ALS

    Bless you.
    They’re a huge success, btw!! :)

    Everyone has been complimenting them, so, thank you thank you thank you for my beautiful new headshots.


  • 12-2014 MR

    Hi Susan,
    I will get back to you by Thurs or Fri with my choices for headshots!

    I can’t decide, there are so many!!!

    Thanks for everything…I love them all!

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